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  • The Like Button is here

    Good evening Modded Marauders family. As mentioned in our welcome article, we truly want this to be your community and as such feedback is always welcome. We were overwhelmed at the offers of donations and sponsorship which truly shows how generous you folks are. We plan on having this in future, but truly want to build the community first.

    A large part of building that community is giving you the site that you want and need. Zack made a site suggestion to install a like button that was seen on other forums that we very much respect. Since I am a novice to this website shit, the learning curve is probably a little larger than it is for others. However I am happy to say after some research, and many hours trying to activated by another site to get the programming. It is here, you will now notice not only a Facebook like button for threads, but a like button for individual posts as well

    Thank you again for the feedback. We can't always promise that your ideas will be implements, if we did, Joe would have had us call this sit cockgulp.net, but we will always lend your ideas wait and try to implement what we can.

    Thank you