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  • Boost Gets You Laid- Thanks Barry

    We were never able to properly thanks Barry for his generosity. As many of you know, our texting forum, which I shit you not had me at 4000 texts this past month, began last summer. The 6 of us have been close for some time, and MM.Txt just made us closer.

    Those friendships continue to grow every day, which is why we started this forum, well that and to cut down on the texting. Barry decided to commemorate our posse with special trophies he had created.

    Barry from all us, well except Casey cause he came late to the party with not having a smartphone, Thank you for these. These truly mark the adventure we have begun and will forever symbolize the start of this.
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    1. Guspech750's Avatar
      Guspech750 -
      Oh yeah!!
      I huge Thank you (with a reach around) goes out to our bud Shijack/Barry!! Love this trophy. Sits proudly on my dresser bud!!

      Gotta love MM.Text!! Look where it's gotten us!! Freaking awesome!!

      Sent from The White House on taxpayers dimes.

      DTR + 4.10's + Eaton swap = Wreeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom
    1. BadMan's Avatar
      BadMan -
    1. DOOM's Avatar
      DOOM -
      Casey gets one when he gets BOOSTED!